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Prosecutors: Owner Of Pit Bulls In Deadly Attack Knew Dogs Had Attacked Before

LOS ANGELES ( — Prosecutors are suggesting the owner of a group of pit bulls that attacked and killed a woman knew that the animals were aggressive and dangerous, and that the animals had attacked several people and animals in the past.

Pamela Devitt, 63, was jogging on May 9 when she was mauled to death by a group of pit bulls, belonging to Alex Donald Jackson, 30. Devitt suffered over 150 puncture wounds and died on the way to the hospital.

Pit Bull Mauling

Meanwhile, authorities are saying that Jackson knew the dogs were dangerous, and had prior knowledge to their behavior around people.

"So he was put on notice that the dogs were dangerous and he failed to take any action to protect the public," prosecutor Samantha McDonald said. "And the theory of murder is implied malice, that, knowing that the dogs were dangerous, he acted with reckless disregard for human life by not either getting rid of them or securing them on his property."

Jackson is due to be arraigned in September.


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