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Police Hunt Armed, Dangerous Female Robber Who's Terrorizing Store Owners

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)   --  Police are on the hunt for a female serial robber they say is armed and dangerous.

The woman has been terrorizing store owners in South LA, authorities said.

KCAL9's Rachel Kim spoke to police who said they want this dangerous woman stopped before she strikes again or hurts someone. They're hoping someone in the public recognizes her and gives up her identity.

At first, she looks like a customer, but then she pulls a weapon.

Kim spoke to small market owner Erlinda Espinosa in Spanish.

Espinosa told Kim the suspect held her up. The suspect was caught on camera at another store nearby.  That crime didn't go so smoothly. After she pulled out her gun, she tried to climb over the counter, but tipped it over and fell. But the woman continued to order the employees to open the register. When they finally manage to get it open, the woman grabs the cash in the tray, turns around, casually walks out, then puts the money and the gun in her pockets.

Espinosa says she had heard someone was robbing stores in the area before she was also hit. She says this woman came and pulled a gun on her recently. As she gathered the money, Espinosa was afraid but also managed to turn on the alarm. Meanwhile, the woman hid the gun behind her back as Espinosa attended to customers.

The five-minute robbery felt like an eternity for Espinosa and she's glad police released the video. Detectives believe this woman is responsible for six robberies between January and March. They say she's targeting small neighborhood markets and businesses in the area of Manchester Avenue and Avalon Boulevard.

Espinosa says she works hard to make ends meet and hopes this woman is caught.

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