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People Living Near Bobcat Fire Burn Scar On Alert As Rain Moves Across Southland

MONROVIA (CBSLA) - Residents living in the Bobcat Fire burn scar area in Monrovia are once again on alert as yet another winter storm moves across the Southland, especially people with homes on Ridgeside and Oakglade Drives.

Monrovia 1
Flood debris basin along Canyon Road

With more rain falling on the already soaked foothills, people worry that too much of it could trigger mud and debris flows.

"It's a love-hate relationship," said resident Michael Kunch.

Kunch and his daughter, Abigail, laughed about the impending storms now, but they know the danger heavy rain poses for their community. Behind their home, a flood and debris basin filled up quite a bit in the last storm, Monday night, with logs, rocks and mud, all of which washed down from the Bobcat Fire burn scar.

"There's a lot to clean up and we've got these new storms coming in. So, it's going to be a mess, but the City of Monrovia has done an excellent job of setting up k-rails to protect homes, so we don't get flood damage to our neighborhood," Kunch said.

They said they've watched as crews have worked, seemingly, around the clock.

"It's constant. Ever since the fire, you never see anybody working. It's just busy," Abigail said.

Another worry for the Kunch's and other neighbors is the local wildlife.

Monrovia 3
Dec. 29, 2021 (CBSLA)

"We get kind of concerned about them having to come down from the mudslide areas," said Kunch.

However, all they can do now is wait and see how much rain falls, and watch for what comes down from the mountain.

"It's really cool being up here next to nature, but it also has its concerns in that we could get wiped out at any moment from one of these flash floods," said Kunch.

The flood basin that runs along Canyon Boulevard leads to Monrovia Canyon Park, which is closed indefinitely due to previous storm damage.

Residents are hoping that type of damage misses their neighborhood.


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