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New Pacoima DMV Solely For Processing Real ID Transactions Has 15 Minute Wait Times

PACOIMA (CBSLA) — Many dread waiting in line at the DMV, but a new location in Pacoima has a wait time of just 15 minutes.

Lines at the new center are moving fairly quickly due to the fact that they only process driver license and Real ID transactions.

Some drivers are driving in from other cities to quickly receive their new Real ID.

"From what I understand, this is supposed to be one of the fastest Real ID processing locations," said Manny Ortega who drove to the new location from Highland Park.

The DMV opened the specialty center in Pacoima, and another in San Jose, so employees could focus on one thing.

"The goal for us is to get people...into those other channels because they're much more convenient than coming into the office," said DMV Director Steve Gordon.

People need to apply in person to get the federally mandated Real ID, which is necessary to fly starting in October 2020.

Unlike a typical DMV office, the new center does not take appointments, only walk-ins.

Currently, people are able to get in and out of the center within 15 minutes, possibly due to the fact that not many people know the location is open.

The new DMV Director said their overall efficiency has been getting better.

"Fifteen minutes is probably not going to be the norm," said Gordon. "But right now we're seeing statewide, across all offices, under 30 minutes for non-appointment visits."

Earlier this summer, DMV offices closed statewide for a half-day to train employees for the Real ID process.

According to Gordon, the training did make a difference in helping them streamline some processes and they will continue to look for ways to improve as the get closer to the Real ID deadline.

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