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Officials Say Confrontation Over Headphones Led To 2 USC Students Getting Shot At Party

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Officials say that a fight over headphones is what led to two USC students being shot at a party being held near the campus.  Stephanie Abrams reports.

Labor day weekend is considered the last opportunity for USC students to party before midterms, but tonight the partying is over and students are on edge after two students were shot.

Police say the shooting happened early this morning at a party in a student-filled off campus apartment complex on the 1200 block of West 37th Street. They say the three suspects in the shootings were not invited guests and were not students. The suspects are still at-large.

Police explained that a student at the party noticed his Dr. Dre headphones were missing. He spotted a suspect with the headphones and confronted him.

Police say when the student's friends stepped in to help, the suspect pulled out a small caliber handgun shooting both. Police say one bullet hit a female graduate student's hand and then struck a USC junior in the chest. "The round she took to the finger slowed down the impact of the bullet entering the male victim's chest and most likely saved his life," said Captain Melissa Zak.

Both students underwent surgery and are in stable condition at California Hospital.

Police are adding security to the area until they locate the suspects. Officials say they have very good leads and good descriptions on all three. Police are confident they will make arrests in the near future.

Authorities are also advising students hosting parties this Labor Day weekend to be more watchful about their guest lists and to keep the door locked so random people can't walk in -- which is exactly, they say, what happened at the party Saturday night.

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