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La Mirada Home Decorated Like 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' Could Face Fines Over Display

LA MIRADA (CBSLA) -- A La Mirada home is adorned with lights with a special Christmas movie in mind, but this year they could be facing some trouble.

The Christmas comedy classic "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" home has been recreated in La Mirada for the fourth year in a row.

Jeff Norton, who is a fan of the 1989 movie, started his decorating process after purchasing an RV of the same make and model as the one driven in the film by Cousin Eddie.

This year, Norton added a second story, which city officials said was installed without a permit, which could rake up a fine of $100-$200 per week.

Norton says he has no plans of removing the display and that he doesn't believe it poses a danger.

Visitors who stop by to admire the handiwork have even volunteered to pay the fines, but Norton insists he'll take care of it.

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