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Nanny At Center Of Shaken Baby Case Pleads No Contest

VAN NUYS ( —  The nanny at the center of a shaken baby case pleaded no contest inside a Van Nuys courtroom Friday.

The plea comes nearly three years after a Winnetka couple accused the nanny -- Monica Rezonable -- of shaking their baby and causing permanent brain damage to the child.

KCAL9's Kristine Lazar spoke to the toddler's parents after the plea was entered.

Rezonable changed her plea from not guilty to no contest Friday.

When sentenced, she faces the maximum of 12 years behind bars. Her lawyer will argue for probation and time served.

The parents of Calin Samora -- now nearly 3-year-old -- call the no contest plea  a small step towards justice. The boy is now unable to walk or talk and is also partially blind.

"He is serving a life sentence," said Calin's mom, Lori Samora "and that is never going to change."

Nearly two-and-one-half years ago, Rezonable was caring for the then 3-month-old boy in his house while his mother worked in her home office.

The Samoras said Rezonable gave them several different stories about what happened to the boy.

From blaming their 20-month-old daughter, to saying she found the baby unresponsive in his swing, Rezonable's lawyer -- Sharon Beth Marshall -- said her client maintains her innocence.

"My client  was wearing socks on a hard wood floor, slipped, and dropped the child," Marshall said.

Rezonable will go to prison for 90 days while she awaits sentencing. At that point, the Department of Corrections will issue a report and recommendation to the judge.

She can go back to prison for up to 12 years, or, she could get probation -- something her lawyer is arguing for.

Calin's parents say a sentence of probation would be devastating.

"I feel like our justice system let my son down," said Gilbert Samora.

"For a person like that, to be out on probation, to be out in our society, would be disgusting," said Lori.






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