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Exclusive: Missing For 3 Days, Patrick Bolden-Smith Discovered Back In Hospital And In Police Custody

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) - Two days after 26-year-old Patrick Bolden-Smith disappeared following discharge from County-USC Medical Center, where he underwent a mental health evaluation, he's back in the hospital, but this time, his mother said, he's in police custody.

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(credit: Theresa Bolden)

"I'm just trying to understand how we got here, and how am I going to get him out of this situation," said Theresa Bolden, the 26-year-old's mother.

Theresa flew in from her home in New Orleans late last week to pick up her son. She said he had no history of mental health issues, but was increasingly stressed, agitated and confused.

So, early on Sunday morning, she called 911 to get him to a hospital for care.

"I thought that's how the system was going to work, and I've learned firsthand, clearly, that it's not. And it's terrifying," she said.

According to her, Bolden-Smith was released from County-USC Medical Center just five hours after he arrived. For the next three days, she had no idea where he was or what condition he was in.

However, late Tuesday, she found out from the Los Angeles Police Department that her son was arrested for getting into a scuffle with someone and, again, taken to the hospital for mental health care.

The 26-year-old is now facing charges that could include assault with a deadly weapon or attempted murder.

"And this is the one thing I tried to avoid," Theresa said.

For its part, County-USC said it cannot comment on Bolden-Smith's care, but speaking in general terms said via email:

"Patients who have ongoing emergencies are admitted to the hospital. Patients with illness that is not acute and does not require hospitalization are referred to outpatient care services."

Bolden-Smith, though, no longer had the capacity to seek care for himself.

"I'm just asking for everybody's prayers and that maybe Patrick can feel that we're out here work for him," Theresa Bolden said.

Her son is scheduled to be arraigned on felony charges Thursday.


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