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Man Loses Control Of Vehicle, Crashes Into 4 Parked Cars

HUNTINGTON PARK (CBSLA) — Police are investigating what caused a 75-year-old man to lose control of his vehicle and crash into four parked cars.

At around 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon, police responded to a traffic collision on the 1900 block of East Gage Avenue near the Plaza Americana in Huntington Park.

"Everybody was screaming, everybody was running everywhere," Alejandra Flores, who witnessed the accident, said. "He went back and forth three times, it was crazy."

Police reported that 75-year-old Jose Landazure lost control of his 1999 Ford truck and crashed into the four unoccupied vehicles.

After coming to a stop, Flores said Landazure was hit in the face by an unknown person, because, she said, they thought Landazure was going to leave the scene.

Landazure was bleeding from being hit, but did not appear to be injured from the accident. Landazure was said to have refused medical attention and was released at the scene to his family, who was said to have taken him to the hospital.

Police continued to investigate the cause of the accident, but both police and CHP ruled out alcohol as a factor.

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