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Lone Surviving Cow That Escaped Pico Rivera Meatpacking Plant Finds Home On Farm Sanctuary

ACTON (CBSLA) - The last cow standing, out of 40 head of cattle that escaped from Manning Beef in Pico Rivera Wednesday and stampeded through the streets, has found a home on a farm sanctuary in Acton.

Of the 40 cows that escaped, one was shot by police officers as it charged a family, and the other 38 were returned to the meatpacking plant and slaughtered.

"I am in the meat business. The animals were harvested. Note, they were raised for the public to consume," the Chairman of Manning Beef told City News Service.

Animal right's advocated held a vigil outside Manning Beef Thursday evening, hoping to save the cattle from being killed.

Cow Vigil
A vigil was held Thursday night for the now notorious cows that escaped from a Pico Rivera slaughterhouse earlier in the week, before being rounded up in a nearby neighborhood and being sent right back. (CBSLA)

However, one of the cattle that remained elusive and wasn't captured until a day after the escape, some five miles away in South El Monte, was spared. She was released at the farm sanctuary after receiving a health checkup and will be able to live out her days at the location.

Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Diane Warren spearheaded the successful effort to save the cow and have it sent to the sanctuary.

The public will actually be able to see the lucky cow, and all the other animals on the sanctuary, when it reopens on July 10.



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