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LA County gas price tops $6 average for first time ever

Gas prices hit $6 a gallon 02:04

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in Los Angeles County hit the $6 mark Tuesday for the first time ever, with no relief in sight as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to destabilize energy markets worldwide.

The average price for regular in L.A. County was a record $6.01, up about three cents from $5.98 on Monday, according to numbers from AAA. It was the 28th consecutive daily increase, and came just 19 days after topping $5 for the first time ever.

L.A. County's average price for regular has risen $1.23 in the past month. One year ago, it was $3.92. Other factors including inflation and California's switch to the summer blend could keep prices high locally for several more months.

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Statewide, the average was $5.86 Tuesday, and nationwide it was $4.24, per AAA.

California has the highest gas tax in the nation, at 51.1 cents per gallon. Republican state leaders have called for a temporary suspension of the gas tax, a proposal which Democratic leaders oppose.

Last week, Democrats countered with their own proposal, a $400 gas tax rebate that would go to all California taxpayers, including those who do not drive.

Last month, and prior to the Russian invasion, Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed the possibility of freezing the state's gas tax hike this year in an effort to combat inflation. The tax is scheduled to increase again on July 1 because of inflation.


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