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Levels Of Hydrogen Sulfide From Dominguez Channel Down As County Continues Daily Spraying Of Odor Neutralizer At 6 Locations

CARSON (CBSLA) — Smell that? County officials say they're seeing an improvement in the air quality around the Dominguez Channel in Carson, where residents have been living with a nauseating odor since last month.

At a virtual town hall, county officials reported they are now spraying thousands of gallons of odor neutralizer at six locations every day, and aerating the Dominguez Channel. The efforts have improved the air quality by reducing the hydrogen sulfide emanating from the channel, which is the source of the rotten egg odor.

"All this data tells us we're doing the right thing, and we've figured out what is actually happening within the water that's causing this smell," Director of LA County Public Works Mark Pastrella said.

Pastrella said the county is also providing portable air filters to residents and has relocated 2,000 families to local hotels since the odor was first reported on Oct. 7. Carson has announced a state of emergency over the odor, which residents say has permeated their homes and caused headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Ultimately, the county will need to restore the estuary to prevent the hydrogen sulfide odor from occurring again, which could take up to two years, officials said.

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