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Heavy Rain On The Way For Ventura County

VENTURA (CBSLA) - Residents of Ventura County are already well prepared for the winter storm set to hit the Southland on late Monday and early Tuesday morning.

As rain began to fall at around 8:00 p.m., the weather still hadn't affected the local way of life just yet.

Residents still filled restaurants and milled around shopping centers as they awaited the heavier rain - expected in after midnight.

Their main concerns are too much rain, too soon and of course, commute times.

"It's about the commute. That's really the concern, and depending on where you live - if you're in a flood zone. Because, you know, this is Southern California. Really, it's about the commute and getting a good jacket on," said one Ventura resident.

Another resident, familiar with the mudslides, floods and debris flows that could come from burn scars said she's hoping for a lot of rain, just not too much at once, "We want it nice and slow, kind of steady. A couple of days would be good. Not all at one time - three inches and the hill comes sliding down again - as usual."

One local is concerned for those she knows around the city, and the different affect the storm could have in those various regions, "I know people that are spread around the city. There are some people that have to worry more about the ocean and others that have to worry about the mountains."

The heavy rain was expected to hit the county around midnight, but as of 11:30 the light drizzle remained steady.

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