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Garcetti Issues Targeted Safer At Home Order For City Of Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — With coronavirus cases and hospitalizations surging in the city of Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti Wednesday issued a targeted "Safer at Home" order.

The order, which went into effect immediately, calls for all residents of the city to remain in their homes and businesses to cease operations that require in-person attendance by workers at a workplace.

It also prohibits all gatherings, public or private, of more than one household except for faith-based services and protests. All travel, including travel on foot, bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, automobile or public transit is also prohibited by the order.

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However, the order comes with a number of exemptions to the above rules including for essential workers, those who care for others, first responders, government employees, essential infrastructure workers and those who work in non-essential businesses still allowed to operate.

Other exemptions from the order include healthcare operators, grocery and liquor stores, gas stations and auto shops, financial institutions, hardware stores, handyman services, educational institutions, laundromats, restaurants and retail food facilities, home-based care, residential facilities and shelters, childcare facilities, hotels, manufacturing, retail stores, including indoor and outdoor malls and places of worship.

A city spokesperson said the order was issued to bring Los Angeles' local order in line with the county's most recent order.

A copy of the order, and a full list of exempt activities, can be found online.

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