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Fundraiser Held For Vegas Hero's Medical Bills

LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — Jonathan Smith helped bring about 30 people to safety during the Las Vegas shooting before he was shot in the neck. The bullet is still lodged in his body.

As KCAL9/CBS2'S Adrianna Weingold reports, people in Long Beach gathered Sunday to thank Smith. They also raised money for his medical expenses.

"You hear people screaming for help. I think it's not humanly that we don't go back and try to help them. No matter what the circumstances were," said Smith.

At Muldoon's Saloon in Long Beach, owner Patrick Conlon heard about what Smith has been through and decided to help. He threw the fellow Los Angeles Chargers fan a fundraiser at his bar -- hoping to raise enough money to help Smith with his medical bills.

"You're helping another person that went out of his way to help other people. We're kind of just returning the favor," said Conlon.

Smith said he is doing OK physically but emotionally he is understandably still having trouble moving past what happened that night.

"That could have been me. But I feel like something else kept me here for a reason," said Smith. "I have to keep it going for the people that aren't here."

Smith said he isn't sure how much the medical bills will total and he doesn't care. He's just thankful to be alive to take care of his three children.

Smith said he still needs to see a specialist to see if the bullet in his neck can be removed safely.

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