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First Responders Awarded For Heroism During San Bernardino Terror Attack

SAN BERNARDINO (  —  The more than 130 men and women who rushed into harm's way last December during the terror attack in San Bernardino were honored Thursday for their heroism.

A special ceremony -- with lots of dignitaries -- was a chance for the state and San Bernardino to give thanks for their bravery.

KCAL9's Amy Johnson was in the audience.

"On December 2nd, they put on their uniforms just like they do any other day," said Ray Miller of the San Bernardino Chaplain Corps."But on that infamous day, they were called to go above and beyond the call of duty."

They converged on the Inland Regional  Center not knowing who -- or what -- they would find that morning.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris spoke to the men and women being honored.

"First responders arrived, They found unspeakable carnage," she said, "But these brave officers, immediately took action to stop the gunmen from inflicting further violence."

Officer Nick Koahou was shot in the attack.

"It is my honor to commend the brave men and women  who heroically responded to the terrorist acts that took place in San Bernardino," she said.

One by one, each of the 132 individuals  (dispatchers, paramedics, officers, coordinators) -- representing 11 different agencies --  was called to the stage.

And while the day was to honor the heroes. it was also a time to remember the 14 people who lost their lives/

"Our prayers and deepest sympathies are with you," Harris said,. "Please know that your loved ones will never be forgotten."

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