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Father's Day Reflections: Kristine Lazar of CBS2/KCAL9

This will be the first Father's Day for my husband, Mike. We welcomed our son, Griffin into the world on July 18th, 2010. Looking back on the past 11 months, I realize just how wonderful of a father he has been.

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In the first few weeks of Griffin's life, Mike woke up with me every time the baby cried. He established a routine: he changed the diaper, I fed the baby, and Mike burped him (meaning he got all the messy stuff!). Mike easily could have slept right through those long nights, instead he chose to help me, and spend some quality time with our new baby. As Griffin slept longer, and became less needy, Mike found new ways to help out. He would offer to feed the baby, get him dressed, read him a book, and yes, continue to change his diapers. Mike makes up voices and characters for every one of Griffin's stuffed animals and toys. He has found games that entertain Griffin on even his fussiest of days, like (lightly) bouncing him on the bed, tickling him in just the right spot, or using a pillow and propping the baby up to pretend that Griffin is riding a horse.

As I write this, I realize that I don't thank my husband enough. I don't tell him every day that he is a magnificent father, and I should. I know that the way Griffin looks at him, smiles when Mike enters the room, and wraps his arms around his daddy's neck is thank you enough for a job well done, but I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge my husband's hard work and dedication to our son. I also promise that one day I will tell Griffin that his dad changed more diapers than I did!


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