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Family Devastated By Teen's Suicide Will Work To Fight Bullying In Schools

LA CRESCENTA (CBS) — A week after a 15-year-old committed suicide, a community bands together to try to stop bullying.

Drew Ferraro jumped to his death last Friday -- off the third-story roof of Crescenta Valley High School --  in front of horrified classmates.

His devastated parents say bullying was to blame.

Thursday, Ferraro's parents, friends and family held a memorial service to try to find answers to questions they still struggle with. Mostly ... why? What would lead a teen to that kind of desperation.

His loved ones are determined to make sure another family doesn't suffer this kind of emotional pain.

Strangers also attended the memorial. Many were that moved by the story.

"It really impacted my life," said student Kristen Ampig. She barely knew Ferraro, but no matter. "I know I'll never forget him. He'll always be in my heart and thoughts."

Dia Cabrera echoed those sentiments. "Seeing someone you go to school with, just choosing to end their's a horrible feeling."

On the back of a program that Drew's parents handed out to all attendees Thursday, a special message on the back: "Zero Tolerance On Bullying."

His parents didn't want to go on camera -- the grief is still too fresh -- but they want to spread the anti-bullying word and vow to keep the message alive. For starters, they are asking the school to start an anti-bullying campaign.

They also handed out business cards with Drew's picture on one side and contact information on the other side for suicide prevention.


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