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Experts Say You Can Make Your Garden Drought-Friendly And Keep Its Grandeur

PASADENA ( — Statewide water restrictions in Southern California have presented a challenge for residents to keep their gardens lively.

As new water restrictions are set to begin Wednesday, landscape designers offered practical solutions and water-saving tips that can be incorporated into gardening.

Armstrong Garden Centers was established in 1889. The company specializes in a variety of garden lifestyle retail and landscape consultation services.

Horticulture experts explained it is the largest independent retail nursery in California, which offers 32 locations and three growing facilities.

Armstrong Garden Centers' Darin Engh says it is possible to both conserve water, and keep your garden from turning to complete brown.

"You can go from maybe watering that lawn four times a week to one time a week, using these water-wise plants," Engh said. "Plants such as butterfly bush, lavendars, rosemarys, California lilac; all of these take very little water. (They're) very water-wise, and they'll bloom at different times of the season."

The addition of a planting mix to the soil is also recommended so that it can help to retain water. A top dress, such as mulch or bark, can then also be used to help keep roots cool as the summer months approach.

Succulents are also plants that thrive in our climate, and only need to be watered every 10 days.

As far as your lawn goes, if you're looking to keep that lush look, more options exist today when it comes to fake grass. Engh also recommends a traditional approach to checking on your soil's quality at any given time.

"One of the easiest and greatest things you can do today is to just use your finger," Engh said. "Just by sticking your finger down into the soil, that will tell you whether or not that container needs water."

The ideal watering time for plants is between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m.

For more information regarding gardening tips, click here.

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