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Dentists Creating, Donating 3D Masks To Health Care Workers

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) -- Help is coming from all sorts of places ahead of what's expected to be a surge in coronavirus patients in the days ahead.

3D printers are being utilized to help provide protective equipment for medical workers.

"It's thermal plastic so it's flexible and it can be molded to your face," said Dr. Diana Sedler.

Sedler, a dentist who hasn't been able to work because of safer-at-home orders, says she wants to help other medical workers who are on the frontlines of the pandemic.

She and her brother Andrew have given away about 200 3D masks.

Dr. Anna Zvansky of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center said she was allowed by her hospital to test out the mask.

"They've pretty much have been a big hit at this point," the physician said. "Our intensivist physician was the one that requested we order more."

Zvansky says the 3D masks can be cleaned with alcohol and reused.

The design also allows for the attachment of filters that are easy to find and affordable.

"It's about $25 for about 12 pieces, about $2 dollars apiece, essentially," Zvansky said.

The Sedler siblings behind the 3D masks didn't anticipate they would be involved in this kind of project.

Their grandparents, who immigrated from Russia, started a Burbank dental lab that makes things like crowns and bridges.

The family business, which is now run by their parents, has footed the bill for this mission.

"We achieve a lot here," Anatoly Sedler said. "Now it's pretty much time give back."

The Sedlers say they're not doing this for profit because the masks are not for sale.

They've gone through their supply of the base material and said they would appreciate donations to keep it going.

If you'd like to contribute to the cause, the family asks you to visit this website.

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