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CBS Has Reboot 'MacGyver' Series In The Pipeline

LOS ANGELES (  —  According to Hollywood Reporter and Variety, CBS-TV is planning on bringing back the sexy and brainy super spy "MacGyver."

The original "MacGyver" aired on ABC from 1985 - 1992. There were also two TV movies in the mid 90s.

The series made a big star of former "General Hospital" actor Richard Dean Anderson in the title role.

Rather than carry a gun, Angus MacGyver always used his wits to get out of any situation or jam. He often took mundane items ("I need a bobby pin!") to save the day, usually with seconds to spare. ("Hurry MacGyver! That bomb is going to blow!!")

The series was spoofed to perfection by "Saturday Night Live" with Will Forte playing "MacGruber" in a sketch (first seen in 2007) that became so successful it was turned into a feature film in 2010.

Anderson enjoyed the spoof as well appearing as MacGyver  in two "MacGruber" skits in 2009.

About 12 years ago, the WB (which is now part of CBS' CW Network) ordered a pilot about a young MacGyver starring Jared Padalecki. The WB passed but Padalecki went on to star on "Supernatural" (2005-2015).

In the reboot for CBS, the series again will center on a 20-something crime fighter who saves the world from various despots. It was not known if the role has been cast.

Henry Winkler, famous on-screen as the Fonz on "Happy Days," will also exec produce the new series.

There was no word if Anderson, now 65, would appear in the new show in some capacity. After "MacGyver" he also starred on "Stargate SG-1" (1997-2005).

Famous film director James Wan (of "Furious 7" fame) was signed to direct the pilot. He told Entertainment Weekly he's been interested in working on a reboot of "MacGyver" since it was first talked about as a possible movie in 1009. Veteran show runner Scott Gemmill ("NCIS: Los Angeles") is the producer.

TV remakes are all the rage with reboots on the horizon for "Prison Break," "The X-Files,"Twin Peaks," and "Full House" (as "Fuller House" on Netflix) to name just a few.





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