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Woman Describes Surviving Terrifying Scene As Car Gets Pinned Under Big Rig

ONTARIO ( — The shocking freeway crash was caught on video. The woman who survived says it may have been caused by street racing.

A driver's rear-view camera captured the crash as it unfolded. A speeding car was seen driving away.

A driver slipped his way between a big rig, hit the woman's BMW and nearly collided with another car then took off as the BMW took a sharp left turn and was pinned under the big rig.

Incredibly Madis Tolentino survived with just a few scratches.

"All I knew was in my heart I was protected. I'm a firm believer and I knew that God was right there and I was going to be okay," Madis Tolentino said.

The hit-and-run along the 10 Freeway Wednesday around 3 p.m. in Colton was captured on a Good Samaritan'a dash cam, who's seen pulling over and running to help. Something the driver of a silver car with a dent, custom wheels and deployed airbag failed to do.

"The cop that took the report met me at the hospital and he told me that I was very lucky," Tolentino said. "He said the BMW saved your life. Had you been driving a different car that was lower and it would've gone under the big rig, likely the big rig would've gone over you."

Tolentino suspects the driver was possibly street racing with the blue car it nearly hit because that blue car pulled over for a second and then took off.


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