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Avocado Prices To Skyrocket Following Mexico Importing Ban

ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — After the United States halted imports from Mexico, consumers might want to think twice about their next round of avocado toast.

The U.S. suspended all avocado imports from its southern neighbor after a United States Department of Agriculture inspector in Michoacan receive a threatening call amid a rise in violence between criminal organizations vying for territory and profits.

While there are local farmers, the US receives 80% of its avocados from Mexico.

"We have it here in Fallbrook and in Rainbow," said Francisco Garcia owner of Anaheim restaurant La Casa Garcia. "But we don't have enough. We need some help from Mexico."

The sudden decline in the avocado supply may cause prices to skyrocket with Garcia claiming he may have to pay $150 per case compared to at most $30 in the past.

"Three to four hundred dollars for all the avocados," said Garcia about all the avocados he uses for his restaurant. "If they raise it, it will be $2,000."

While Garcia is expecting to take a hit in profits, he refuses to pass the cost along to his customers — who he considers an extension of his family.

"They've been paying $4 to$5 a guacamole," he said. "I ain't going to raise it $25 to $30. People ain't going to buy it... They're my customer for years and years. I'll take the loss."


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