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Authorities Clear Home Of Large Cache Of Explosives From World War II

CABAZON, CA ( — A large amount of military ordnance from World War II have been cleared after being discovered at a home.

Thousands of land mines, grenades, and bombs took explosives experts six days to clear the home, and despite the suggestion by deputies that the majority of the explosives were inactive, neighbors still can't believe they were there.

"It still scares me, because you know they could have more stuff, grenades," neighbor and mother of seven Christine Hernandez said. "You never know."

Neighbors are looking for answers, but the owner of the explosives is reportedly dead.

The Riverside Sheriffs Department received a call from a relative of the cache's owner, according to sources.

Investigators believe the man was simply a collector, and have not found any indications that he had any violent intentions with the explosives.

Authorities are continuing to look into how the man was able to acquire the accumulation of so many explosives.

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