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Armed Former Homeboy Industries Employee Allegedly Holding Hostages

CHINATOWN ( — A man believed to be a former employee of Homeboy Industries is reportedly holding six to eight former co-workers hostage Thursday evening.

A man wearing a blue baseball cap and blue jeans reportedly walked into the business and said he was armed.

Homeboy Industries is located at 130 Bruno Street in the Chinatown area.

The company is comprised of men and women who used to be in gangs, ex-cons and other law breakers in programs that rehabilitate (including tattoo removal, employment services and counseling.) Homeboy also makes several products including taco chips and salsa.

Stu Mundel, reporting in Sky2, said several nearby streets were blocked off.

He also reported that SWAT was called to the scene.

Juan Fernandez, reporting from the scene, said he confirmed with LAPD that officers were trying to make contact with the suspect.

Police told Fernandez they were going to "actively" enter the building to search for the alleged gunman.



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