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Animal Control Officers Locate Missing Pit Bull In Riverside County Cruelty Case

RIVERSIDE COUNTY ( — Animal control officers located a missing pit bull Wednesday that was part of an ongoing cruelty investigation.

According to the Riverside County Department of Animal Services, the owner of the missing dog was put on notice last week to take her to a state-licensed veterinarian.

If the owner failed to do so, officers said they made it clear they were prepared to impound the dog.

Animal control officers served a search warrant at the property on Thursday, but the dog was not there.

According to police, officers suspected the dog was taken by an animal activist based on social media posts, and comments made by the dog's owner.

On Monday, the dog was seen in the San Bernardino County Morongo Valley area, officials explained.

Officers visited the property where the dog was believed to be living, and subsequently took the thin female dog into protective custody.

According to animal control officers, the dog was checked into a veterinary hospital for examinations, and was not diagnosed with any specific illness.

Officers went on to explain the dog has already gained some weight since she was taken from the yard, and will remain in protective custody while officers continue to pursue the animal cruelty case.

Based on the dog's condition, animal control officers plan to file paperwork with the District Attorney's office, and will work with police on a theft investigation.

The owner was contacted, and notices were left at her home, however, she fails to return repeated calls, officials added.

The dog's name remains unknown at this time.


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