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Anaheim Residents Fight Back Against Brazen Coyotes

ANAHEIM (CBS) — They used to hunt only at night, but some brazen coyotes have been roaming the streets of several Anaheim neighborhoods lately and neighbors are more than just scared...they've had enough.

The coyotes have clearly stakes out the wrong territory...and worse, they've taken down a few pets.

Residents were frustrated that city officials, in their minds, weren't doing enough to curb or curtail the coyote activity, so they banded together and hired their own trapper.

The cost, more than $300.

But as Suraya Fadel reported for KCAL9 News at 10 PM Saturday, residents would have paid more to get rid of their problem.

At least 15 signed on to fight the brazen and dangerous coyotes...

And there is even no guarantee that the traps will catch anything. You have heard of Wile E. Coyote, yes?

No matter. Residents here are ready to wait them out...and set more traps if need be.

Lynda Gendreau is an animal lover and hates the idea of the coyotes having to be euthanized. But she told the Orange County Register, "After the horror stories about the pets being killed -- and people worried about their children -- something needs to be done."

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