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3 Must-See LA Area Technology Fairs/Conferences in 2019

By Mario McKellop

Although Southern California is best known for its scenic beaches, incomparable culture and fantastic weather, locals know that Los Angeles is also a hub for technological innovation. The Southland is home to a slew of game-changing tech firms such as SpaceX, Oculus VR and the Belkin, and educational institutions with strong tech programs like UCLA and Cal State Los Angeles.

Moreover, the LA area regularly plays host to a number of technology-themed conferences that delight and inform anyone curious about the wide world of STEAM. And these are the three most notable Los Angeles-based tech events taking place in 2019.

TECHSPO Los Angeles 2019

Taking place on June 13-14 in Santa Monica, the TECHSPO brings together companies, organizations and individual innovators representing a variety of STEAM fields. At the event, attendees can network, learn about the latest offerings from a range of cutting-edge tech firms and learn the ins and outs of the technologies that will define the rest of the 21st century before they go mainstream. This year’s event will feature guest speakers representing the University of Southern California, Zoho CRM and more. Tickets for TECHSPO Los Angeles 2019 start at $17.

Moreno Valley Unified School District STEAM Unity Expo

On Jan. 10, Valley View High School will host the Moreno Valley Unified School District STEAM Unity Expo, an ideal event for young people who want to learn more about the interrelated disciplines that fall under the science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics umbrella. The 2019 Unity Expo will feature a host of booths focusing on STEAM-related fields like digital art, robotics and coding. 

Moreover, the event will also give students, parents, educators and other interested members of the community the chance to interact with college and university faculty as well as STEAM industry leaders. Best of all, this event is free to attend.

YoMo Los Angeles 2019

This coming Oct. 22-24, the Los Angeles Convention Center will host an enlightening and free science and technology event called YoMo Los Angeles 2019. The summit is designed to be a showcase for organizations, academics and institutional bodies in the STEAM community. 

It will give attendees the opportunity to take in live shows as well as partake in dozens of hands-on interactive activities and workshops. And with more than 50 stakeholders representing various industries, YoMa also helps attendees understand what career paths are open to them if they choose to pursue an education in a STEAM field. 

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