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Sacramento Adds Speed Bumps To Lemon Hill Avenue After Hit-And-Run Crash Killed Great-Grandmother

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There are new safety measures in the aftermath of a hit-and-run crash that left an 87-year-old grandmother dead in Sacramento.

Now, the city has added speed bumps to the 5900 block of Lemon Hill Avenue where the deadly crash killed Lien Dang. No arrests have been made.

Lisa Lui is the president of the Chinese of Indochina Friendship Association. She says the speed bumps will not stop the community's search for justice.

"The speed bumps are being received as a very positive means," Lisa said. "I can tell you whenever there is a loss in the family, there is a major loss in the community. A speed bump, a street light, a stoplight — nothing is going to replace the grandma."

Councilmember Eric Guerra spearheaded the speed bump addition as part of a city plan to reduce crashes on and around the Stockton Boulevard corridor.

"We have a public health crisis right now because of traffic fatalities," he said. "Not only the nature of the hit-and-run killing the grandmother but the community coming together, bringing the police department and all of the city engineers there to look at the situation caused these speed bumps to happen faster."

A community event in October brought police face to face with Lien's family and friends, who were frustrated by a lack of an arrest two weeks after the crash. Police have impounded the vehicle they believe hit and killed her.

"We need people who know or have information about who was driving that vehicle, to be able to hold somebody accountable," Guerra said.

Lien lived in an apartment on the same block she was hit and killed. The driver kept going.

"If we had had speed bumps in, we at least would have had drivers paying attention to what was in front of them," Guerra said.

A great-grandmother's tragic death is now leading to this slowed-down street. Her family wants justice to speed up.

Sacramento police had no update to their investigation Wednesday night.

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