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Rocklin Turns Hole In The Ground Into Quarry Park Adventures

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – What do you do on a five-acre lot in downtown Rocklin with a giant hole in the ground? Well, if you're the city of Rocklin, you build an adventure park.

"That's the best part about this," said Phil MacDougall, vice president of marketing at Quarry Park Adventures. "There's nothing like this in the United States!"

Construction began last summer and developers say they're almost ready to open the doors. Tucked away on Rocklin Road, the park will feature family-friendly attractions on the site of an old historic quarry. Attractions include a lake with paddleboats, a ropes course, vertical climbing, a giant free fall, and swing.

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At Kids' Kove, children can experience 30 different challenge elements including climbing nets, zip lines, and balance beams. And behind it, there's a boulder maze.

Another area requires harness training for older kids and adults. It features three zip lines traveling 30 miles per hour, 700 feet in the air.

"I couldn't be more excited about it!" MacDougall said.

Construction began last summer and developers say they're almost ready to open the doors.

The Rocklin Road quarry is more than 150 years old. In fact, some of the granite from the area was used to build the state Capitol. And the park has plans to incorporate a piece of that history into each attraction.

Mike Young, a spokesperson for the city of Rocklin, says the park will also be an economic boost for the city.

"Just the park itself is bringing in over 100 jobs," he said. "Quarry Park Adventures will actually be the only park in the city of Rocklin that brings in revenue."

And after a two-year effort from the city to plan and design the park, Young says he's happy construction is in the home stretch.

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"Whenever it opens, it's going be a great activity for residents, for visitors," he said. "Really creating a sense of place here in the historic district of Rocklin!"

Daily passes will be available for $39.99 for adults when the park opens sometime this summer. The outdoor amphitheater will have its first concert of the summer on June 16.

And the city hopes the park will soon attract new businesses to pop up nearby.

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