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Nonprofits Bracing For Big Day Of Giving, Counting On Donations To Stay Afloat

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Susan Z'berg has a soft spot for animals. Although retired with a fixed income, Z'berg always finds a way to donate to animal charities.

"It is a little bit harder, but the good feeling that you get after you give whatever you do, is worth every bit," said Z'berg.

This year, Z'berg is donating more on the Big Day of Giving and increasing the number of organizations she helps.

"This is a community effort and we're all having to pull together now for a lot of different reasons," said Z'berg.

Julie Beckner is with Volunteers of America (VOA). The nonprofit provides housing and shelter services for more than 4,000 people across Northern California and Northern Nevada. The pandemic has been crippling, leaving VOA with a $900,000 shortfall.

"Tomorrow is make or break for us. Tomorrow will be hugely important for our ability to serve for people that need it most. I mean, just plain and simple," said Beckner. "Extra overtime, sick time, additional safety equipment, PPE has really put a dent in our budget, not to mention the additional services that we have to provide to our clients."

They're hardly alone. For 20 years Soil Born Farms has been educating schools and families on farming and healthy eating. More than 50% of their staff have now been furloughed.

"Nonprofits like Soil Born Farms are the heart of our community and we really hope that people will see that now more than ever we really need to come together to rebuild our community," said Terese Hollander with Soil Born Farms.

Z'berg donated to Big Day of Giving early this year, hoping to spur friends and family to do the same.

"You can do it. You just got to hang in there and feel good about yourself after you do it. It feels so good to know that you gave," said Z'berg.

You can donate to several different organizations on the Big Day of Giving website.

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