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Misty Holt-Singh's Parents React To Family's Settlement With City Of Stockton

STOCKTON (CBS13) - The parents of Misty Holt-Singh, the woman killed by Stockton police during a 2014 shootout are speaking out just hours after the city announced it has reached a settlement with the family.

Holt-Singh was taken hostage during a robbery at Bank of the West in Stockton and was shot and killed during the police chase.

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It's been an emotionally grueling last four years for her family.

"No amount of money could ever take the place of my daughter," said Misty's mother, Karen Farmer.

Misty Holt-Singh's Mother

Misty's husband told reporters Tuesday that he is grateful the legal process is finally over.

"Misty we love you every day, they say time heals all wounds but this hole in my heart will never heal," said Farmer.

Farmer says it's a pain no mother should endure.

"There's not a day that goes by that I don't shed a tear," she said.

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On July 16, 2014, Holt-Singh, the 41-year-old wife and mother of two went to the Bank of the West in Stockton with her 12-year-old daughter, and soon after, three armed bank robbers took her hostage in their car.

The police pursuit ended with officers firing over 600 bullets at the suspects, killing two suspects and tragically killing Misty. She had been shot 10 times by officers.

Farmer says the settlement doesn't bring her and her husband closure.

"It could be billions and billions of dollars and it couldn't be enough in my opinion," said Farmer.

Farmer and her husband heard the city of Stockton settled the family's lawsuit but they didn't know the details or the exact amount.

"Money won't bring her back. The police department they dropped the ball. They Did not do their jobs," said Misty's father Tommy Farmer.

Stockton Police released a statement:

"Even today, four years later, our community and department continue to heal from this tragedy.

Today's announcement that civil litigation related to Misty's death has concluded helps bring that healing one step closer. We are glad that the matter has been resolved, and we hope this will bring some comfort to Misty's family.

Every one of us who were involved in the tragic events of July 16, 2014 will carry the memory of that day forever. Each of us wishes that day had ended with Misty going home safely to her family.

On that day, our department faced a situation unlike any seen before by a law enforcement agency. The men and women of the Stockton Police Department responded with great courage, with many putting their own safety secondary to protecting the community.

We have committed ourselves to learning all we can from the tragic events of that day – both to improve our own response and to help other communities prepare for and prevent the kind of tragedy our city experienced."

"I feel like the Stockton police dept got away with murder," said Karen.

The Farmers say that they not only don't have comfort, but they don't feel justice has been served.

"The officers that shot and killed my daughter didn't even get time off work -- no punishment, no nothing," she said.

The legal process may have come to a close but for these parents the void is very much still present.

"It's not about me but my grandchildren," said Farmer.

As part of the settlement, the city also agreed to honor Misty by naming a street or park after her.

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