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Man Convicted Of Raping Woman During Curtis Park Burglary

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A man was convicted by a jury of several serious crimes in connection with the burglary of a trailer where an Airbnb guest was staying, and for sexually assaulting that guest.

On July 18, 2018, the victim was sleeping in a rented Airbnb trailer in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento when she awoke to find Angel Burnett standing over her. He sexually assaulted the victim, during which time he threatened the victim with a weapon he claimed to have in his backpack, according to a statement from the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office.

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After Burnett left the trailer, the victim called 911. Police arrived at the scene and found Burnett's thumbprint on a door frame.  He was arrested 11 days later, and at that time, had methamphetamine in his sock and tools that would typically be used to commit burglaries in his backpack, the D.A.'s office says.

Burnett was convicted by jury of assault to commit forcible sexual penetration during the commission of a residential burglary; first-degree residential burglary with the enhancement that the victim was in the residence at the time of the burglary; forcible sexual penetration with the enhancement the defendant committed burglary with the intent to commit sexual assault and did in fact commit the sexual assault; and possession of methamphetamine.

He faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

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