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Loaves and Fishes, Cookie Project, Old Christmas List - Dec. 25, 2014

Sacramento Loaves and Fishes
We're live as volunteers get ready to serve the Christmas meal at Loaves & Fishes!!! We'll check out all the live action in the kitchen! Meal prep is from 6am-10:30am and then the volunteers hope to serve 800 men and women starting at 11am! They will also hand out Christmas stockings full of various hygiene items! Santa will also make an appearance!

Loaves & Fishes
1351 North C St.


Community Feeds Homeless
A small community is banding together to give back this Christmas!!! Today we're live as a group of Lincoln neighbors spend their Christmas morning preparing and delivering food to the homeless! Any items that are left over on Christmas will be donated to the local Salt Mine.

The Cookie Project
No one should be forced to work on Christmas. There are exceptions that we all recognize: Police, Firefighters, ER Doctors - but El Pollo Loco? K-mart? Starbucks? Is our need for a latte really more important than allowing the barista to spend some time with his or her family? The Cookie Project is banding together to spread some holiday cheer. On Christmas Day, they will be traveling the city delivering Christmas cookies to people working crappy jobs that in a rational and kinder world should be at home with their families.

Christmas List Then & Now
How would today's kids feel about a Christmas stocking full of oranges and handkerchiefs? Probably not as excited as kids a hundred years ago felt about it. Based on research using "dear Santa" letters found in historical newspaper collections, a genealogy website put together a list of the top gifts of 1913 and compared them against the items most sought after by kids 100 years later.

1913: 100 years ago (based on research on "Dear Santa letters," found in the historical newspaper collections on SuperSearch)

Rocking horse
Toy Train
This is what's topping the contemporary wish-list:

2013: What kids are asking Santa for this year (based on estimates by leading retailers (Toys'R'Us, Target, Walmart and Argos)

Furby Boom
Teksta Robotic Puppy
LeapPad Ultra
Flying Fairy
Big Hugs Elmo
Barbie Dream House
Giggly Monkey
Nerf Gun
Ninja Turtles
In some ways we can see the similarities, a doll for a Barbie, a book for a Leap Pad. Yet something as basic as fruit or clothing, is often taken for granted today.

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