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New Big Screen Action Attracts People To DOCO

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A new big screen added to the DOCO al fresco experience is bringing back old memories of what game day used to feel like down in DOCO.

"I'm very excited," said 7-year-old Isaiah Hernandez.

The latest addition to DOCO has Kings fan Austin Owen pumped as the Sacramento Downtown scene starts coming back.

"It feels amazing, feels like something similar to normal," said Owen.

Roy Hernandez reminisces about the days prior to COVID, anxious to get back into the arena, excited to be this close to it on game day.

"Once I found out about it we got the family together and we came out," Hernandez said.

Businesses down on K Street are hoping the boost in energy also boosts their business.

And with the reopening of Golden 1 for events, Gerine Williams, manager of Devil May Care Ice Crea,  says the upgrade couldn't have come at a better time.

"We are excited to see all the people out again," Williams said.

With a weekend preview of the big screen, she says she's already noticed more customers.

"It was a nice change to the previous weeks and kind of seeing what is to come," Williams said.

Her shop is one of the newest businesses to open near DOCO.

"We are really excited for K Street to open back up," Williams added.

And just as the big screen is already attracting people like Zach Aragon and his dad from Stockton to downtown, people see the newest upgrade as a sign of progress to get DOCO back to where it once was.

"Not being able to go inside the arena and being able to come out and watch the game on a big screen is really nice," Zach said.

"The next month or two or three months, it's going to be a lot better, and then by the end of the month or year, I think it's going to be pretty much back to normal," Michael Aragon said.


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