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Community College Turning To Technology To Increase Safety

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An American River College student was robbed in broad daylight just off campus, meanwhile, the college has been stepping up efforts to make things safer.

"That's incredible to me. It's real like shocking," said Bailey Neumiller.

That's one student's reaction to Monday morning's theft. A car pulled up on Myrtle Avenue, one man got out, knocked a young woman to the ground and took off with her laptop. The Los Rios Community College District says it's been working to improve safety at all of its campuses.

An app called Guardian is part of the plan.

"We can send text we can send emails its connected to social media etc.," said Scott Crow, with American River College.

Students and faculty can be quickly alerted with detailed information during emergencies, like Monday's theft.

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"It really does make me feel safer in case of a school shooting or something like that happens which I don't want to happen I have the information right there and they tell you what's going on," said Maria Passerini.

The app also includes safety tips, emergency preparedness information, and links to helpful resources. The campus is promoting the app, still, many students aren't using it yet.

"I just never took the time to download it.  I don't really know all that much what it's about," said Victoria Anwanyanwu.

Campuses are also getting upgraded security cameras with ones that have more detailed images. At ARC, Students are encouraged to use free shuttles that take them directly to their cars.

There are emergency phones on campus, and security can be discreetly summoned through the app. But even a campus spokesman admits, it's unclear if the app would have helped in this morning's brazen theft.

"We encourage as many people as possible to download the app because while it may not help in every circumstance if it helps in a few and people are safer and that's a win," said Crow.

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