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Julián Castro

Julian Castro says fresh faces "cathartic"

Former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro emerged on the national political stage when he delivered the keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic Convention. He went on to serve as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama. Castro, who's considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, shares his life story in a new memoir called "An Unlikely Journey: Waking Up from My American Dream." Castro joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss his "likely" presidential run in 2020.

Castro brothers on Dems unity

Four years ago, then-San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro electrified the crowd at the Democratic convention, saying a speech by Mitt Romney proved that the 2012 Republican nominee didn't understand working Americans. The former mayor and his twin brother, Texas Congressman Joaquín Castro, who will speak at this year's convention, join "CBS This Morning" to discuss Michelle Obama's convention speech Monday night and unifying Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters.

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