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Top running shoes for flat feet: Find your perfect fit

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Do you live life with your feet planted firmly on the ground? We don't mean metaphorically -- although staying grounded with a sensible outlook can definitely be a good thing. We're talking health and fitness.

If you quite literally have flat feet, you might have trouble finding a good pair of running shoes. One study found that, out of more than 800 people polled, fewer than 30% had flat feet (as opposed to runners with high arches or a neutral foot type). While flat feet have only been linked to a slightly higher risk of injury while running, things like comfort and support matter when choosing the best running shoe for you. 

"[Runners with] flat feet typically lack an arch or curve in the middle of their feet," says Dr. Gregory Alvarez, a podiatrist at the Ankle and Foot Centers of America. "Instead, they are completely flat from heel to toe. As a result, flat feet tend to roll inward more than what is considered healthy or normal."

To set you up with the support you need, we've put together the following fitness guide with the best running shoes for flat feet.

Best running shoes to buy if you have flat feet

With some highly recommended running shoes from brands like Brooks, Adidas, and New Balance, there's bound to be something for everyone on our list of top picks below.

Take a closer look at some of the best running shoes for flat feet below. We focus on features and designs that will keep you comfortable, improve stability, and counter overpronation while you run.

Most recommended: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22
Women's Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Brooks

The Adrenaline GTS 22 by Brooks comes highly recommended. Of the four experts consulted for this list, three highlighted this running shoe as a great pick for those with flat feet: certified personal trainer and director of Your Future Fitness Andrew Blakey, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marc Matarazzo, and former professional runner and the CMO of athletic laundry detergent company Nonaste, Bill Reifsnyder.

"Marketed as good for runners with low arches... they support the arch and reduce over-pronation," Matarazzo says. The brand's patented "BioMoGo DNA" and "DNA Loft" midsole cushioning help to improve the shoe's underfoot softness and support. This can be great for keeping you comfy and balanced while on the move.

"Their technology helps to guide you through your stride [and] support your arches as you run," says Blakey. Looking at the design of the shoe, the "Progressive Diagonal Rollbar" midsole is marketed as ideal for pronation control -- perfect for flat feet.

"If you are looking for great support with ample cushioning and flexibility, the Adrenaline is a great choice," says Reifnsyder.

Find these in over two dozen different color designs, widths ranging from narrow to extra wide, and both men's and women's sizes at Amazon and Zappos below. 

Originally priced at $140, shop these shoes below to save on footwear. Amazon prices start at $107 for men's styles and $110 for women's. 

Best for all around comfort: Asics Gel-Kayano 28

Women's Asics Gel-Kayano 28
Women's Asics Gel-Kayano 28 Asics

With more than 3,000 reviews and a 4.5 out of five-star rating, the Gel-Kayano 28 running shoe by Asics is one of our most popular picks for runners with flat feet. With gel cushioning in the rear, patented "DuoMax" support system for improved platform stability, and a mesh upper for breathability, these are our choice for most comfortable. 

"This shoe is specifically designed to help people who have low arches or overpronate when they run," says Blakey. "This shoe is created with flat footed people in mind!" 

It's true: This running shoe is marketed toward runners with feet that are more likely to roll inward (as opposed to those with neutral or under-pronated feet), with a padded design to back that up.

Find these running shoes in men's and women's sizes at Amazon below. Out of the 18 color variations, several are on sale as of this writing -- so if you're looking for a budget friendly pair of running shoes, we have you covered below. 

Save nearly 50% off the original selling price and shop both men's and women's styles starting at around $90 per pair.

Best cushioning: Adidas Ultraboost 22

Women's Adidas Ultraboost 22
Women's Adidas Ultraboost 22 Adidas

"These shoes.. feature lightweight cushioning and an adaptive fit," Alvarez says. "The rubber outsole provides excellent grip on any surface, while the supportive midsole helps keep your gait consistent."

The Adidas Ultraboost made our list due to the combination of a responsive "Boost" cushioning and soft yet flexible textile upper, which come together for enhanced comfort. The shoe's design also favors durability and traction, making this a solid choice to keep you comfy, grounded, and energized while you run.

We also appreciate the fact that this running shoe's upper is made with a high-performance yarn made of repurposed ocean plastic waste and recycled polyester. 

If you want to stay well within your budget while adding a durable and comfortable pair of running shoes to your collection, shop these in a wide variety of color designs at Amazon below. There are also some nice savings to be found with some styles in men's and women's sizes. Prices start at $84 per pair.

Best stability: Saucony Echelon 8

Women's Saucony Echelon 8
Women's Saucony Echelon 8 Saucony

When it comes to a good, stable bit of athletic footwear, we recommend the Echelon 8 running shoe by Saucony. This shoe is marketed as both soft and responsive, making it perfect for getting you through long runs without soreness creeping in.

"These shoes feature great cushioning, as well as an improved 'Formfit' construction," Alvarez says. "The 3D heel counter locks your foot in place, and the rubber outsole provides great grip."

This shoe is all about stability; the lightweight midfoot support panel can help with overpronation while keeping you steady as you run.

For a sturdy yet comfortable running shoe, check out the Saucony Echelon 8 in men's and women's sizes below. Prices and current sales differ between styles, but whichever link you click, you're getting one of the cheapest pair of running shoes on our list.

Compared to this shoe's average selling price, the numbers below are practically a steal! Prices start at $65 a piece for select men's styles and a mere $40 for women's.

Best for countering overpronation: Asics GT-2000 11

Men's Asics GT-2000 11
Men's Asics GT-2000 11 Asics

If you have flat feet and tend to overpronate when you're on the move, there are a number of great running shoes to choose from on this list. The GT-2000 11 by Asics, however, takes the cake as our favorite for staying balanced and comfortable with each step.

"This shoe is specifically designed to help people who have low arches or overpronate when they run," Blakey says. There are a number of design features at play here to keep you stable while exercising. 

If you check out the details advertised with this running shoe, you'll see a number of patented bits of technology that are meant to enhance the overall fit. There is lightweight cushioning for a responsive rebound on every step, a supportive heel plug for improved durability, rearfoot gel support for shock absorption, and technology for improved midfoot integrity. 

Find these running shoes in seven color options at Zappos below. Shop both men's and women's styles for the mark-down price of $100 per pair.

Best lightweight shoe: Saucony Guide 15

Men's Saucony Guide 15
Men's Saucony Guide 15 Saucony

Marketed as providing a lighter and smoother experience than other running shoes, the Saucony Guide 15 shoe is our pick for lightweight comfort and support. The patented design, combined with enhanced midsole beveling -- the curve on either side between the upper and outsole -- can make for a very smooth run.

This shoe's underfoot support can offer the support and stability needed for flat feet. There is also a deeper foot bed, thanks to a lower midsole, for a supportive fit. 

"I've been running in Saucony's for a number of years and they are, overall, a good shoe for longer distances if you overpronate," says one reviewer

Find these running shoes in men's and women's sizes at Amazon below. There are 15 color designs to choose from, with some notable sales tucked away with some (see linked designs for current discounts).

Right now, these shoes are marked down more than 50% from their original price ($140). Pick up a pair of men's for $75 and up, or women's starting at $55.

Best foam midsole: New Balance 1540v3 

Women's New Balance 1540v3
Women's New Balance 1540v3 New Balance

For a foam midsole that beats out the competition when it comes to superior support and comfort, try the 1540v3 running shoe by New Balance. The design of this shoe is marketed as perfect for long-term stability that can combat overpronation -- a common issue faced by runners with flat feet.

Dual layers of performance foam come together here for unparalleled stability, as well as a soft rebound to keep discomfort at bay during runs. Additionally, "Rollbar" midsole technology can help to combat overpronation and keep you on track (literally) while on the move.

Find this certified PDAC A5500 diabetic shoe in three color designs (in men's and women's sizes) at New Balance below.

Shop these shoes directly from Zappos below for $180 per pair. If you're looking for women's styles and sizes, you're in luck: women's sizes are currently on sales and available starting at $135.

How to shop for running shoes if you have flat feet

"A flat-footed runner's footprints will not have a typical hourglass shape," Reifsnyder says. "The problem [is] the majority of running shoes are not made to fit this shape of feet. Therefore, runners with flat feet should look for shoes built on a straight last." 

The last is the form around which a shoe is designed; if you can trace a straight line from toe to heel, you're looking at a shoe built on a straight last. Reifsnyder also highlights running shoes designed to "help with alignment throughout your gait," such as athletic footwear marketed as good for combatting overpronation. 

"Look for shoes with good stability features, such as extra cushioning and a firm midsole, to provide better support and reduce the amount of pronation," Alvarez says.

By investing in running shoes that will keep you balanced, as well as comfortable, you're setting yourself up for success in the long run (pun intended).

How we chose the best running shoes for flat feet

  • Customer reviews: We picked quality running shoes with consistently great reviews that confirm they belong on our list.
  • Expert recommendations: To ensure you're getting the full picture when it comes to footwear for runners with flat feet, we asked experts for their opinions and recommendations.
  • Star rating: We believe in nothing but the best for our readers/runners, which is why we left out any shoes with less than a four star rating from customers just like you.
  • Your needs: We picked out running shoes with design features, cutting edge footwear technology, and interesting designs to make sure you have a variety of options to choose from -- no matter your needs.

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