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The best white elephant gifts 2022

Homesick White Elephant Candle
Homesick Candles

If you've been invited to a white elephant gift exchange this holiday season and are confused about what to buy as a present or even how the whole concept works, allow us to explain and offer some gift suggestions.

Top products in this article: 

Homesick white elephant candle, $38

Marshmallow bear Warmies, $30

Cup of Ambition ceramic coffee mug, $18

A white elephant is defined as "an object no longer of value to its owner but of value to others" by Merriam-Webster. White elephant gift exchange rules vary, but typically, a price point for gifts is set (under $25, or so), or you can choose to regift something you already own (as the white elephant definition would imply). 

To get started, everyone participating draws a number from a bowl. Number one will choose a gift first from the pile, number two goes next, and so on. People can either choose to steal someone else's gift that they've already opened or pick something new from the gift pile. Note that they cannot open a gift and then decide to 'steal' someone else's, though.

White elephant gifts can be either funny or serious -- it's totally up to you. Below, the best white elephant gifts of 2022 to fit both categories.

Homesick white elephant candle

Homesick White Elephant Candle
Homesick Candles

If you truly don't want to think about what to buy for your white elephant gift exchange, here's your get-out-of-jail-free card. Homesick makes a candle that's literally called "white elephant." It has notes of candied orange and champagne.

Homesick white elephant candle, $38

Cup of Ambition ceramic coffee mug

Cup of Ambition Ceramic Coffee Mug

This Dolly Parton "cup of ambition" mug is the ideal gift for all of your coworkers working 9 to 5. 

Cup of Ambition ceramic coffee mug, $18

Marshmallow bear Warmies

Marshmallow Bear Warmies

Warmies are one of Oprah's Favorite Things of 2022, and it's totally understandable why. Just pop these adorable stuffed animals in the microwave for a warm winter cuddle. This bear has a lavender scent. You can also chill him in the freezer for a cooling effect.

Marshmallow bear Warmies, $30

Saucemoto dip clip

Saucemoto Dip Clip

There's nothing worse than sauce flying around your car when all you want is to dip those nuggets and fries. These dip clips hold sauces from many of your favorite chains and pop right onto your air vents. They also come with a sauce cup to squeeze your ketchup packets into.

Saucemoto dip clip, $11 (reduced from $13)

Flamin' Hot Cheetos snowman glass ornament

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Snowman Glass Ornament

Flamin' Hot Cheetos are enough to make anyone melt -- including this snowman, who's had one too many. A Flamin' Hot Cheetos fan will love this ornament.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos snowman glass ornament, $25

People of Walmart adult coloring book

People of Walmart Adult Coloring Book

If people of Walmart images never fail to make you chuckle, then imagine what a kick you'll get out of coloring them in. This adult coloring book is "rolling back dignity" with 37 iconic images.

People of Walmart adult coloring book, $11 (reduced from $12)

Rifle Paper Co. Night Before Christmas puzzle

Rifle Paper Co. Night Before Christmas Puzzle

This beautiful 500-piece puzzle from Rifle Paper Co. is sure to get some steals. It depicts a cozy Christmas scene and is worth the splurge.

Rifle Paper Co. Night Before Christmas puzzle, $34

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