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Best pillows in 2023


If your pillow is lumpy, out of shape, discolored from sweat or falling apart, you should replace it now. Experts say you should replace your pillows every one to two years. If you've spent ages with the same bed pillow, you're likely out of the pillow game and have no idea where to start looking. That's where we come in -- the experts at CBS Essentials have rounded up the best pillows in 2023, including pillows (and other bedding) that will help keep you cool in the summer heat

Buying the best mattress isn't the only way to upgrade your sleep. Become a deeper sleeper with these staff- and customer-loved pillow options. We've found the perfect pillow for all sleepers, including pillows for every sleeping position. Shop pillows with shredded foam, latex pillows, a cooling pillow, the best adjustable pillow, the best pillow for your neck, pillows for combination sleepers and so much more.

Keep reading to discover the right pillow for you. These pillows all have a four-star rating or higher and include tons of positive reviews. 

Best adjustable pillow: The Marlow pillow


The Marlow pillow is fully adjustable. Filled with gel-infused memory foam and microfiber, it provides a cooling and supportive sensation while you sleep.

After just a year of use, my old feather pillows have become flatter than pancakes. I, CBS Essentials senior writer Lily Rose, have since become dedicated to finding the fluffiest pillows possible. The Marlow does not disappoint. Once out of its packaging, it inflates to a lovely, fluffy size and maintains its shape no matter how long you lay on it. I love the adjustable zippers because I can choose how feathery or dense I want my pillow to be. I am truly considering replacing all my old pillows with this one.

Choose from standard or king sizes. 

The Marlow pillow, $65

Best cooling pillow: Casper Hybrid pillow with Snow Technology


Casper's new Hybrid pillow with Snow Technology is made with a foam and fiber design and features the brand's Heat Delete bands for 12 hours of cooling. It's outfitted with a Casper CoolTouch cover for a refreshing sensation.

Because it's been so hot here in Los Angeles, I truly cannot sleep without this pillow. This pillow's cooling tech really does last all night and feels so soothing on my head and neck, where I tend to get sweatiest. I also found the pillow to be incredibly supportive and comfortable. 

Choose from queen and king sizes. 

Casper Hybrid pillow with Snow Technology, $134 (regularly $149)

Best latex pillow: Purple Harmony pillow


Latex pillows are known for their spring-like feel and for providing comfort, support and spinal alignment.

The Purple Harmony pillow features a layer of honeycomb-patterned grid surrounding a supportive inner core of hypoallergenic ventilated latex. This latex pillow is wrapped in moisture-wicking breathable mesh material. 

"Comfort-wise, it's as if you take one of the softest pillows you could find and wrap it in purple. Overall, this pillow has support, comfort, softness and is light and cool -- everything you could want in a pillow," says a reviewer.

Choose from three heights in standard and king sizes. 

Purple Harmony pillow, $199

Best pillow for side sleepers: Pillow Cube Side Cube Pro

Pillow Cube via Amazon

The Pillow Cube was designed specifically to support side sleepers. The five-inch Pillow Cube Pro is the brand's most popular and is the ideal thickness for most people. If you are between 5'3" and 6'3" this pillow will most likely work for you. 

"My fiance and I love this because I'm a side sleeper and he likes the shape and firmness," says CBS Essentials writer Brittany Vincent. "It's cool, conforms to the head and neck easily and we like that it's a square."

Choose from six sizes based on your height or desired thickness. 

Pillow Cube Side Cube Pro, $70 with coupon (regularly $130)

Best pillow for pain relief: Nest Easy Breather pillow


What's cool about this pillow is that it's totally customizable. The pillow comes overstuffed with fill. Customers can take out or put in as much stuffing as they need to get comfortable.

"I bought this pillow a few years ago after I hurt my back and tried to improve all the things that might be causing back pain," says Vice President of Audience Acquisitions, Glenn Gaslin."It had so much stuffing in it, I got an additional case and filled that up and I now have two pretty much perfect pillows."

Choose from standard, queen, king and side-sleeper sizes. 

Nest Easy Breather pillow (standard), $96 (regularly $107)

Best organic foam pillow: Essentia Forma organic foam pillow


This supportive pillow is made with natural, non-toxic ingredients and is free from wool and fiber batting, which is known for attracting dust mites. The pillow features an organic cotton cover, made without pesticides, chemical herbicides, chlorine processing or synthetic dyes. Plus, it's great for combatting neck pain.

"I got this Essentia pillow several months ago when I was waking up with neck pain and it's really made a difference. I tend to switch between back and side sleeping and it's super supportive either way," says CBS Essentials writer Kaylyn McKenna. 

Essentia Forma organic foam pillow, $229

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