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Lizzo's TikTok leggings and other gym gear for one hot summer


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For many, the COVID-19 pandemic turned backyards, bedrooms, parks and beaches into the best places to work out. If they weren't ordering Pelotons, people responded to the online shortage of proper gym equipment by using makeshift workout items at home -- tin cans instead of free weights, stretchy pants instead of therapy bands.

But now may be the time to replace those threadbare gym and improvised workout items with shiny new gym swag. Ditch that stretched-out sweatband: We've found a new non-slip one that will keep you nice and cool. Throw that mildewy gym bag in the garbage, too: Our list of all the gym gear you need includes one with a dedicated pocket for sweaty and wet clothing.

For finicky fitness fans, no worries: All of the items here have reviews of four stars or higher. We've even included rave reviews from verified buyers. 

Sweat-wicking sweatband

poshei via Amazon

This sweat-wicking headband advertises itself as lightweight, non-slip and quick-drying. One enthusiastic reviewer says, "this is a must have if you're a serious sweater like myself," and called it "the best sweat band on the market."

Weightlifting wrist wraps

Gladiator Gym Gear Store via Amazon

Protect your wrists and minimize wrist pain and fatigue with these supportive wrist wraps. These soft-but-sturdy wraps feature a thick thumb loop to keep the wrap in place. One Amazon reviewer says, "I have no doubt these will last a long time. The wraps themselves are thin enough not to apply undue pressure, but thick enough to support my admittedly weak wrists."

Core sliders

Kamileo Store via Amazon

An enthusiastic reviewer says of these low-friction pads: "These are so easy to use! I love how versatile they are with the various workouts... They're also easy on the knees and remind me of when I use my yoga mat because it's just as cushy."

Booty bands

Gymtrovert via Amazon

The category might sound silly, but these elastic-and-cotton bands are the hottest thing in fitness right now. A set of these non-slip bands comes with one light-, one medium-, and one heavy-resistance band, so you can customize that ever-important glute workout.

Gym bag

Leolake via Amazon

Nothing says "fresh start" like a new gym bag. This one is waterproof, and has a dedicated compartment for shoes. There's also a wet-items pouch for sweaty clothing, bathing suits and towels. One pleased reviewer says, "I love this bag. It's a beautiful color, nice material, holds a ton of stuff (40 oz water bottle, speed rope, knee sleeves, supplements, wraps and gloves, lifting belt, etc.) with plenty of room without being too bulky."

Yoga mat

Amazon Basics

If you're going back to group fitness classes for the first time in a while, invest in a fresh new yoga mat. This Amazon Basics mat comes in a variety of colors and includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Aerobic step

Reebok via Amazon

On enthusiastic reviewer says this exercise piece is "steady on both carpet and wooden floors," and raves about the strong clasps on the risers that hold them in place during intense step classes. "It also doubles as a really handy step in the kitchen for the kids to help with the cooking."

Water bottle

BuildLife via Amazon

This water bottle is decorated with motivational phrases meant to inspire you to keep up your hydration. One reviewer says it helps better track water intake. "Also a bit of a conversation starter in public!"

Workout leggings

Seasum via Amazon

These TikTok-famous leggings have a major following. The singer Lizzo is even a fan. Thanks to their high waist, ruched back seam and honeycomb-textured design, these leggings give the wearer the illusion of a smaller waist and lifted behind. 

Resistance bands

Hoocan via Amazon

These colorful rubber therapy bands can be incorporated into your workout in many ways. They can be used for stretching, resistance training, posture improvement, physical therapy and mobility training. Each band measures 59 inches long.

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