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Youth Football Teams' Seasons Over After Brawl

FARMERS BRANCH (CBS11) – Parents from a North Texas youth football team say their team is being unfairly punished after a fight involving parents from both teams during a game between 9 and 10-year-olds on Monday.

The brawl happened during a game between the Farmers Branch Tigers and Carrollton Longhorns.

According to Tiger parents, one of their players delivered a hard hit on a Longhorns player.

They claim that child's father became irate and stormed the field.

Magali Reynoso whose son plays for the Tigers said, "One of the parents on the long horns team comes to our side and starts arguing cursing at us wanting to know who the parent that hit is child was."

Reynoso said the parent was upset and aggressive and they were forced to call the cops and step onto the field themselves.

Cell phone video taken by parents captured the moments the fight ensued.

"He starts taking off his clothes, hitting girls, pushing kids and it turned into a big fight," said Reynoso.

Tigers coach Freddy Wilson said the referees didn't do enough to control the upset parent so they felt the need to step in themselves.

"If the refs would have stepped in and stopped him from coming in than none of this would have happened," said Wilson.

When it was over both teams had the rest of their seasons disqualified by the Carrollton Youth Football League.

Tiger parents say the kids are being unfairly punished especially since they had plenty of football still left to play.

"We were going off to the next playoff making it to the championship," said Reynoso.

For now the team says they will continue to practice in hope the league has a change of heart in their decision and for future tournaments and possibly even a youth league bowl game.

We reached out to the Carrollton Youth Football League for comment, but did not respond by the time this story was published.

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