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Young Cowboys Fan Writes Letter To WR Allen Hurns Following Devastating Injury

(CBSDFW.COM) - A young Dallas Cowboys fan is showing his support for Allen Hurns after the wide receiver suffered a devastating ankle injury during Saturday night's playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

During the first quarter of last night's game, Hurns sustained an injury that was too gruesome to be replayed on television. He had to carted off the field as players on both sides and fans watched in worry for the receiver.

As fans offered their prayers for a full recovery, one North Texas boy wanted to show Hurns his full support through writing.

Kim McSwain shared a letter that her son, Luke, wrote to the receiver late Saturday night after he was unable to sleep following the late end to last night's game.

The letter reads:

"Dear Allen Hurns #17,

I saw the Cowboys-Seahawks game last night. I saw you for hurt. I hope you are okay. Don't worry you have the best [doctors] in the world. I prayed 4 times for you. You will get way better shortly.

From: Luke McSwain best fan."

Luke also drew a picture of Hurns on a stretcher during the game and called him the "Number 1 Wide Receiver."

According to multiple reports around the NFL, Hurns has already undergone surgery on the dislocated ankle, which has ended his season.

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