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TxDOT Not Taking Chances With Potential Rain-Snow Mix; Brine Applied To Bridges, Overpasses

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - TxDOT has dispatched brine trucks to highways all over North Texas, but the potential mix of rain and snow could still cause problems for your morning commute.

"It's not unusual for weather like tomorrow for there to be a whole lot of car crashes for us to respond to, so making sure we have enough resources to do that," said Matt Zavadsky with MedStar.

The ambulance service is preparing for winter weather potential by staffing up for Tuesday morning.

The last time there was weather like this during rush hour, MedStar responded to 40 car crashes in that time period alone.

Zavadsky advises drivers to leave early tomorrow morning so they're not rushed and can pay attention to the road. It's a good idea to give the cars in front of you extra room, too.

"Know that it's going to take you longer to get to where you're going in the morning that it normally does," he said.

If you do get in a wreck, try to get off the main road or onto the side of the highways as quickly as possible to avoid causing another crash. Then call 911 right away.

"One of the riskiest things that first responders do is operate on the scene of a car crash, so we ask everyone who is driving, give us at least a one-lane cushion," said Zavadsky. "Move into that next lane over."

He says drivers should put three things in their car Monday night: a charging cord for your cell phone, a blanket to keep you warm if the car can't run and water.

If you're stuck on the highway waiting for first responders, you could easily get dehydrated.

TxDOT crews did brine trouble spots Monday ahead of the colder temperatures and potential mix of rain and snow. They focused on bridges and overpasses in Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant Counties.

"When an event hits, it's usually widespread and we have to address as many bridges as possible," said Val Lopez with TxDOT.

The City of Fort Worth and the Tollway Authority decided against brining Monday. Both will have crews ready to go if they're needed overnight though.

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