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Tony Romo Tells Dr. Phil: No Tackle Football For Sons Until 8th Grade

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Former Cowboys quarterback and current CBS analyst for NFL football Tony Romo said his sons can play football if they want, but no tackle football until they are in the eighth grade.

Romo had a conversation with Dr. Phil McGraw about it for Dr. Phil's podcast "Phil in the Blanks."

Dr. Phil asked Romo, who took a beating in the NFL, if he would allow his kids to play football.

"I don't think I'll ever discourage them from doing anything... If you really like this, go play it...  They won't play tackle football until eighth grade.  That's the first time I'll let them," Romo said.

Tony Romo speaks on Dr. Phil's podcast
Tony Romo speaks on Dr. Phil's podcast

Romo went on to explain, starting to play football at an earlier age, wouldn't help a child become a better player in his opinion.

"I just don't believe it's a craft sport.  So in tennis, you need to go and practice tennis to get better.  The only position (in football) that I believe is a craft oriented position is quarterback, where as you physically getting better at throwing, does make you better.  Most other positions, it's running..."

Dr. Phil asked Romo if he'd be afraid of his sons suffering head injuries playing the sport.

"I don't think you do anything afraid.  If you're playing, you're playing. If you're thinking about that you shouldn't be playing."

It will be a little while before Hawkins, 6, Rivers, 4 and Jones, 1, get to the eighth grade and experience tackling.

To check out the full interview with Tony Romo on Dr. Phil's podcast, click here.


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