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Texas Democratic State Rep. Chris Turner 'Pressing For Answers' On AG Ken Paxton's Lawsuit Against 4 Swing States Biden Won

North Texas State Rep. Chris Turner Calls On Fellow Lawmakers To 'Hold This Out-Of-Control Attorney General Accountable'

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office responded Monday, Jan. 4, to a public information request made by Democratic State Rep. Chris Turner Grand Prairie regarding Paxton's lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the states of Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

The lawsuit asked the court to order the "defendant states" legislatures to displace "tainted" election results in those states and choose their own slate of electors.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to take it up.

In his December request, Rep. Turner asked about the amount of state resources and taxpayer money used to fund the lawsuit, as well as written communication between the OAG and the Trump Administration, the Trump legal team and any other parties.

The OAG did not release the communications requested, claiming it to be exempted from required public disclosure.

In response, Turner released the following statement:

"Through an incomplete response to my public information request, we have so far learned that the taxpayers of Texas are on the hook for about $12,000 in printing costs for a bogus lawsuit that was dismissed out of hand by the U.S. Supreme Court. In reality though, the price paid by Texas and America is far greater.

"Ken Paxton's lawsuit was an assault on our democracy, plain and simple. Now Ted Cruz has taken up this shameful cause in an effort to invalidate millions of legal votes. All of this has been done in fealty to the most corrupt man to ever hold the office of President. We learned yesterday just how far Donald Trump will go to overturn a free and fair election, as he is caught on tape demanding the Georgia Secretary of State 'find' 12,000 more votes. There is no limit to Trump's abuse of power and no depth in the swamp to which he will not sink – and Paxton and Cruz are apparently happy to take the plunge alongside him.

"Even though Paxton today refused to provide information about who in the Trump Campaign and White House he has been working with, I will continue pressing for these answers. The people of Texas deserve the truth about this shameful episode."

Paxton has requested a ruling from his own agency's Open Records Division to see if his office is exempt from releasing the requested information, Turner's office said.


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