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Police Follow As Calf On The Loose Takes Morning Tour Across North Texas


Rush hour is always a busy time in the metroplex, but members of several law enforcement agencies recently spent the morning not directing traffic -- but wrangling in a calf.

It was after 2:00 a.m. when a member of the Fort Worth Code Blue Citizens on Patrol, was checking for burned out street lights in the Park Glen neighborhood in Fort Worth, when she saw something large moving in the shadows. A few moments later a "very large brown calf" ran across the street.

The patromember alerted dispatch and then tried to corner the calf herself... but to no avail. Soon members of the Fort Worth Police Department joined her, but apparently the calf felt like exploring.

Despite squad cars trying to work as sheep dogs, the calf roamed across Tarrant County -- onto Parkwood Hill Boulevard, into the parking lot of a grocery store, and eventually across Highway 377 into Watagua.

This of course meant a change of jurisdiction and more officers joining the roundup. The animal's "tour" of Watauga included a romp through a Target parking lot, near businesses in a strip mall, a stop a an oil change shop and eventually a Whataburger parking lot.

It was well after sunrise and into the morning, but ultimately members of the Watagua and Fort Worth police departments, and the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department were able to the the young calf into custody.

No word if the animal will face charges for evading police.

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