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Survey Says Plano Is King Of Fast Food Nation

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - If America is a Fast Food Nation. Plano is the capital.  A Business Insider survey says people in Plano spend twice as much on fast food as everyone else.

The survey of 100 of the largest U.S. cities put Plano in the number one spot.

You could say Plano takes the cake, the apple pie, the cheeseburger, the chicken and the tacos!

How many times a week do people in Plano frequent fast food joints?  "At least three times a week," said Carol Rouse.

"At least three times a week, probably four. Maybe five some weeks," Michelle Smith said with a laugh.

"Probably, like, six, seven. Probably more," Juan Cervantes said.

Could it be something in the special sauce?  No.  "It's on every corner. It's easy and it's convenient.  Quick. And I'm in and out," Michelle Smith said.

But a survey recently published in The Daily Beast also says Plano is one of the top cities where people live longer.

No word on any correlation.

"I think if you exercise, hey, you can basically kind of eat what you want," Carol Rouse said.

That and fast food restaurants have definitely learned to cater to the customer. "Have it Your Way," is the Burger King slogan.

Madison, Wisconsin ranked second in the Business Insider survey. Wichita, Kansas was third. And, if your curious who was last on the list of 100, it was Boston, Massachusetts.

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