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Plano Firefighters Dodge Bullets At Station

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - They deal with flames, smoke and countless other hazards, and now nearly a dozen Plano firefighters can add gunfire to the list. "I heard something that sounded like a rock hitting the side of the building and thought, that sounded like a bullet," recalled Plano firefighter, Mark Nugent.

Nugent was inside fire station 11 around 1:30 Friday afternoon when bullets started flying by. "At that time, there were four or five other guys and I told them I think we're being shot at. You guys hit the deck." Nugent added that one firefighter crawled underneath an engine for cover..

Firefighters say police found at least ten rounds fired from a .22 caliber rifle. One shot blew a hole through a bay-door window. Another round shattered the rear window of a fire department van. "It just so happens a police officer was pulling into the back about that time," Nugent explained. "I stuck my head out and hollered at him and said we're under fire. Call for back up."

Officers still haven't found the shooter or shooters, but after talking to a neighbor who is withholding her name, police suspect it may be the work of some kids taking pot shots at targets. "I told police I heard gunshots near the creek bed yesterday or the day before," the neighbor said. They went down there and found cans and a target where they had been practicing," she added.

None of the firefighters were hit and Plano police sent an armored vehicle to safely evacuate them from the building.

Nearby McCall Elementary School was on lock down for about an hour, and a handful of crew members who were setting up for Plano's Balloon Festival were also evacuated.

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