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'I Love This Weather': Cooler North Texas Temperatures Draw Families Outdoors

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Getting the perfect picture at a pumpkin patch can take a whole lot of effort behind the scenes.

"All this cheering and dancing, that's what keeping us warm," said Bailey Rodgers after belting out the "Baby Shark" song to get her 6-month-old relative to crack a smile.

Her family was one of many visiting the Dallas Arboretum's Art of the Pumpkin exhibit Friday and enjoying cooler temperatures.

Dallas Arboretum fall pumpkins
Dallas Arboretum fall pumpkins (CBS 11)

"I was shocked. I woke up this morning. I was like what's the weather like? And they're like, oh 60 degrees!" said Rodgers.

It's a family tradition for Tiffany Nguygen.

"I love this weather," she said.

Last year, she was counting the days to her wedding and posed among the pumpkins with a sign that read, "20 Days Until I Do."

This year, she's holding a sign with a sonogram picture of the baby due next spring.

She's happy for the nice weather and says the baby seems to be getting a kick out of it, too.

"Yea, super active," she says, cradling her belly.

With outside activities posing less of a risk during the pandemic, attractions like the Arboretum are as popular as ever, especially when it feels like fall.

"We've seen a huge increase in people being interested and basically every one of our weekends is sold out – Saturday, Sunday," said Dave Forehand, the Dallas Arboretum's Vice President of Gardens and Visitor Services.

The Josiah family strolled through the Pumpkin Village, wearing jackets and boots for the first time since their recent move to Texas.

"It was hotter here than it was in Arizona. We were like, I thought we were leaving the heat. For a change in the weather, I like it better when it's colder," said Jeff Josiah.

For some, getting out in the autumn air offers just a hint of normal in an otherwise crazy year.

"Sadly, we won't be doing any trick or treating this year. But we are doing a pumpkin patch," said Matt Stauffer who posed with his 12-week-old son. "We're glad we made it out. Perfect fall weather."


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